The Klondike Founders

The Klondike Founders

The Dennis family moved from Anchorage, Alaska in 1988 to open
Klondike Pizza in Arroyo Grande. Back then it was called Klondike Cafe,
but too many people expected them to serve meatloaf and mashed potatoes-
their idea of “cafe food”.

So when they opened the second location in Santa Maria in 1996, the name was
officially changed to Klondike Pizza.

To learn more about  Klondike Pizza’s interesting and weird backstory, click here.


The Dennis Family 1988Pam (a.k.a. Polar Pam), Mike (a.k.a. Musher Mike),
Spencer (5 years old) and Casey (11 years old)
Never mind how old Pam and Mike were 😉


The Dennis Family 2014

Spencer, Casey, Pam, and Mike
Never mind how old Pam and Mike are now.

What are they doing now?

Mike and Pam are still very involved in the Klondike,
but because of their wonderful managers and awesome crews,
they are able to pursue other passions.


Pam is a murder mystery writer.
This makes Mike very nervous,
because Pam is constantly researching…

The Murder Blog Mysteries

Book #1: Dead Girls Don’t Blog
Book #2: Better Dead Than Wed

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Pam’s third book, Dying for Dollars, will be released in 2016!


Check out Pam’s website for women.

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Casey is married and a career Coast Guard member.
He has two awesome kids. A boy and a girl.
Finally a girl in the family to spoil!


Spencer is married and the founder of
Edufii is the social network for skills development.

For Coaches, Athletes, and Fans.


Mike continuously trains to join the senior golf tour.
He takes his training very seriously 😉
and is using Eduffi to track his progress!


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