Tuesday Night Chowdown

Bear holding sign with Chowdown hours

Tuesday Night Chowdown
All You Can Eat!

5 to 9 pm

More Pizza

Featuring over Twenty Different Pizzas on
Both Red Sauce and Garlic Sauce.
Our regular menu is also available on Tuesday Night

This is your chance to try some of those pizzas
that you’ve been dying to try 
but didn’t because your kids
will only eat Pepperoni Pizza.
And nobody wants to sit with cranky kids.

Imagine sinking your teeth into a piping hot slice of
Denali, Roadkill, Hot Stuff, Veggie, Klondike, Hawaiian…
And many more tantalizing combinations that will put you into pizza ecstasy.
And the best part is if you don’t like a slice, no worries.
Another slice of something yummy is on its way to your table,
delivered by our professional pizza servers.

If you only like one kind of pizza
and don’t like trying new pizza flavors,
please order off the menu, because we can’t
guarantee what’ll come to your table,
and we want you to be happy.


2014 ACADEMY AWARDS SHOWJamie Foxx at the 2014 Academy Awards Show
was overheard yelling, “I only eat Klondike pizza,”
when the host, Ellen Degeneres,
had pizza delivered to the audience.