Klondike Managers

The Klondike Managers

Arroyo Grande

Jason Miller

Jason hails from Chicken, Alaska (pop. 7) where he was nominated seven years in a row as “best piano player” in town. Then his little sister beat him out of his title which made Jason mad, so he moved to Arroyo Grande and played piano at the Arroyo Grande Klondike for many years.
At some point, he became our manager. We’re not sure how or when that happened, but he says he’s the manager, and we’ve learned that it’s best not to argue with Jason.

Jason recently commented (complained) that he needs a Klondike nickname. Our other managers have one, and he felt left out. He’s from Chicken, Alaska, so can you guess what his nickname is?

 A Quick Tour of Chicken, Alaska

Some of Jason’s Piano Playing Cousins
They all share the same piano, that’s why they keep it on a truck.
Another reason why Jason left Alaska.
Personally, we think he left because they are way better piano players.

Santa MariaJune-and-Irvin-After-e1421196883962Irvin and June Kiger

Irvin (a.k.a Igloo Irv) is a retired igloo contractor from Nome, Alaska. His lovely wife, June (a.k.a. Juneau June–which makes no sense since she’s never lived there), is a Russian mail-order bride.
June forced Irvin to leave Alaska because she hates snow, even though she comes from Siberia. Although, after vacationing in Siberia recently, we can understand why.

FYI: Rasputin came from Siberia and when June did her family tree,
she learned he was her great-great granduncle on her father’s side.

1363898137409,0One of Irvin’s igloos in Alaska

If you want to talk to June, we suggest you watch this
video first, so she will understand you.