Klondike Lunch Specials

We have Lunch Specials Monday through Friday
11am to 2pm

Burgers, Salads, Sandwiches and…Dinky Pizzas!

 Dinky Pizza FAQ

  1. How Big is a Dinky Pizza? Approximately 6 inches before baking.
  2. What does dinky mean? Small, petite.
  3. Why did you name it Dinky? Because we like the word “Dinky”.
  4. Why do you only offer the Dinky at Weekday Lunchtime? Because it takes special preparation that cannot be done at dinner or on the weekends.
  5. What special preparation? That is top secret and you do not have proper clearance for that information. Only the Weekday Lunch Crew has clearance.

Dinky Lunch Special