Klondike Donation Policy

WE SPONSOR… Youth Teams throughout our community.
WE SUPPORT… P.T.A. Family Fundraiser Nights for Public Elementary Schools.
We only do restaurant fundraisers for Public Elementary Schools.
Klondike Scrip to schools, youth clubs, youth teams.
 Gift Certificates to youth-oriented fundraisers and various Silent Auctions.
 Run ads in school, sports and youth programs if they are locally produced.

– Sponsor adult teams and events.
– Donate to / or sponsor individuals. 

– Donate cash.
– Donate or Discount pizza parties.
– Sponsor All-Star or Club Teams.
– Restaurant Fundraiser Nights for individuals, teams, clubs, classes… we only do restaurant fundraisers for Public Elementary Schools.

If you are requesting a P.T.A. Fundraiser Night for your Elementary school, please call the restaurant and ask for the manager.

All other requests that meet our criteria may be emailed to:
Pamela Dennis
Or mailed to:
Klondike Pizza®, Inc.
Attention: Pamela Dennis
PO Box 920, Arroyo Grande, CA 93421

Please do not call the Klondike Administration Office because Pam is not there. She’s at home writing Mystery Novels. Yup, it’s true.
And please do not call the restaurants.

Pam takes care of donations, not our employees or managers,
so all they will do is tell you to email Pam 😉

Allow at least 4 weeks prior to your event for processing!
Okay, I have to say this: It always amazes me how some folks wait until the last minute to ask for donations for an event they’ve had planned for months. 
Please include all pertinent information (on team or school letterhead) such as your name, telephone number, what the event is, ad sizes (in inches), date of the event, etc.

If you submit too late, please do not expect a reply or a donation.
We get hundreds of requests per week. It is overwhelming, so with that said …
We cannot grant all requests.